Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn 2013 Nail Polish with Swatches

     I know that I started out Fall posts really early in September, but you guys didn't think I was done did you?!  Fashion week was really my inspiration for going over autumn's trends over a month and a half ago, but now Autumn is finally TRULY here!  I started pulling out some fall nail polishes the last week of September and have been going crazy since! I don't think I have ever polished my nails more frequently than I have in the last 3 weeks. 

Here's My Top Picks in Nail Polish for Fall This Year:

"Shoot for the Maroon" from Nicole by O.P.I.

     I thought I was excited for the nude nails trend, but I've discovered some really amazing vampy colors that just have me giddy for fall.  (I'll get into the nude nails as soon as I've gotten a couple more weeks of dark and edgy in.) My absolute LOVE this year, the first vampy polish that I put on and can't wait to wear again, Shoot for the Maroon from Nicole by O.P.I.  It's this insane Burgundy, Maroon, Plum with slight greenish-gold shimmer that creates a different effect when the lighting changes. Very dark and entirely amazing.

Essie "Bahama Mama" and "Downtown Brown"
     Next, I have 2 polishes that are close in depth.  Bahama Mama (on the left) is a classic vampy purple and Downtown Brown is a deep Oxblood/Dark Red.  Instead of wearing a classic red for fall, Downtown Brown takes it to a whole new level.  Never thought I could pull super dark polish off, but I'm really loving it against my super pale hands.

"Over the Knee" by Essie
     When I'm not feeling super vampy, but I still want a fall colored polish this is my go-to pinky-brown.  Over the Knee is a perfect transition from the pretty pinks of summer into the more natural and cozy colors of autumn.  It has a subtle and pretty sheen to it that makes it feminine while still being a neutral brownish color.  Wrap that up in a sweater and snuggle it.

Essie "Demure Vix" and "Sand Tropez"
     Lastly, the NUDE NAILS that everyone has been in shock over.  Everyone went crazy when they saw the flesh-toned nails on the runway this year.  My favorite nude for all-time is Sand Tropez; it's just a very light neutral color (maybe a little more cooler than warm in tone).  I'm also looking forward to prettying up the nude nail trend with Demure Vix!  This color sneaks up on you - it looks light and neutral but it has a pink base and reflux that spins a purpley opal into the mix! Gorgeous.

"Matte Me Crazy" by NYC
     One last polish I have to mention is the NYC Matte Me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat.  Don't want to spend a lot just to get trendy matte nails? Me either.  This one is around 3 bucks and works just as well as the 8-30 dollar ones. You're welcome.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know what you're wearing on your nails this fall!

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