Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Maybelline Shine-Free Stick Foundation Review and Swatch

     Shine-free foundation in an easy-to-use stick?  You know this was on my Wish List as soon as it came out (seriously, click on "wish list")!  Apparently Maybelline Shine-Free Stick Foundation was on everyone else's too because every time I was at the store I could never find the right shade.  They were either sold out or had been opened and pawed upon.  No thank you.  When Ulta finally replenished they're stock, I grabbed it!  I've been using this foundation for days when I just want to even my complexion out, but don't want to spend a whole lot of time on it.  Now that I have been using it for about a month (and STILL haven't done a review on it) let me give you the full break-down of this foundation. (and how you can prevent it from breaking down on your skin!)

Coverage: I would say Maybelline Shine-Free Foundation has medium coverage.  It's definitely not full but it isn't light either.  I think it's perfect for everyday wear.

Staying Power: I found that this foundation could be broken up by oil very easily.  It has this very weird balance - it keeps you from LOOKING oily, but still suffers wear from oil as any non-oil-controlling foundation would.  Weird; extremely weird.  But after trying a few different things I found that there are ways to really get the shine-free no-fading longevity out of this foundation.  For starters, it controls oil better when you DON'T use a primer.  Odd, I know.  Whatever "shine-free" stuff is in the center of this foundation does not work over the top of a primer.  Also, the way I apply it changes not only the finish, but the staying power.  A wet brush or beautyblender are the best methods. Controls oil great once you figure it out!

Finish: Applying with my fingers makes the coverage and finish a little uneven.  If I use a foundation brush the "shine-free" formula can actually be over drying (yes, even on an oily-skinned girl like myself).  If I wet my brush - perfect!  I've been using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (of stinkin' course, right?).  When I apply it this way, I get a great coverage that dries down to feel just like skin (not heavy or cakey), looks natural, keeps oil away, and is so quick and easy to apply.

My Tips:

♥ No primer
♥ Run your brush under the tap for a second and wring out the excess with a towel.  
♥ Swipe the foundation on the major plains of your face and use the damp brush to blend it out. The moisture makes the foundation go on so smooth and flawlessly!
♥ Wait until the foundation has dried and only use a small amount of powder to set it.

     Let me know if you have any favorite foundations or even BB creams that are nice for everyday wear for us oily-skinned girls!
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