Monday, September 9, 2013

Drugstore VS. High-End: What's Worth the Splurge?

     Money. Let's talk it. Even if you're someone making a six figure salary, we all like to save money where we can (or should). When it comes to beauty products, I obviously indulge myself. Since I tend to buy a multitude of products, it's really helpful to know where I can get a bang for my buck. Those of you who aren't HOBBYISTS in make up certainly have even more reason to try and save in the make up department.  I know many people who have never bought a high-end beauty product in their life! Is that wrong? No. But would you believe me if I told you that you weren't getting the most out of your money by buying exclusively at the drugstore? Probably not, so let me explain. First of all, I am a drugstore ENTHUSIAST! (So don't for one second think I'm pushing all high-end products.) I LOVE finding amazing things at the drugstore and a lot of my favorite products are from there.  But in some cases, buying higher-end products is more efficient because the quality allows you to use less of the product and sometimes causes less problems for your skin. If I buy one product costing 3x more, but works so well I use 6x less in one application, aren't I saving money? Yeah! That product is going to last for quite some time. But, the initial cost is high and that is what makes us turn and run back to our well-ventured drugstore.
      Now, there's also those people out there who believe you have to buy ALL high-end ALL the time in order to find quality. Untrue. So freakin' untrue. Over the years, I've discovered what is actually worth purchasing for that expensive price tag, as well as what areas the drugstore delivers just as much quality. 

My General Rules:

  1. Things that are placed directly on my skin (foundation, primer, concealer) I like to use high-end. Better ingredients, less breakouts, less problems, and less products to fix those problems.
  2. Products that are meant for color (blush, eye shadow) I tend to use high-end because better pigmentation allows me to use very little of the product and it usually has a better texture on the skin.
  3. Skin care is unique to each individual, but VERY important - takes a lot of figuring out for yourself personally.
     Other products, like mascara especially, there isn't a huge difference in quality and you use up in the same amount of time. Now that the drugstore is really stepping up on quality I find a lot of eyeliners, lipsticks, and eye shadows are comparable to high-end. (Wet n Wild Eye Shadow is some of the cheapest you will find at the drugstore, but also the absolute closest quality to high-end eye shadow.)
     So here's the categories of make up and where I tend to go for them (Drugstore vs. High-End). Is this a definitive guide? No. There's some real gems in every category at the drugstore that I use myself, but generally speaking this is what I stick to:

     For me, it's all about what actually gives me quality and amount for the price point I'm paying. This blurs the lines between what's truly expensive and what's reasonable. It's not just all Walgreens or Macy's.
Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions or shoot me an email!
Loving a little bit of both worlds,                                      
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