Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream Review

If you've been reading beauty blogs or videos for awhile, I'm sure you've been preached at about how you MUST use an eye cream - even if you're 3 years old; gotta have it! I started using this eye cream in my later high school years, then I started messing around at the drugstore for a few years trying to find a good eye cream. What did I find at the drugstore? Heavy MOISTURIZERS (not eye creams) that gave me milia (tiny bumps under the thin and delicate eye area - almost like permanent clogged pores!!! Very hard to get rid of). I decided to go ahead and spend the $50 to get the large Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream because I remember it taking away the darkness under my eyes. I thought spending 50 bucks on a good amount of eye cream was better than running around shelling out $12 here and $18 there at the drugstore.
When I first starting using it again, I thought, "this isn't the crazy life-changing cream I built this up to be in my head." But I kept going with it. My eye area became comfortable, smooth, working well with my concealer; not bad. I didn't fully see the change because it was so gradual; until I STOPPED using it. I got busy and just skipped out on eye cream. Within 2 weeks I found that my normal undereye concealer just wasn't cutting it - I had some really good dark circle pigmentation going on, some baginess, dullness, a little more puffiness, and that stinkin' milia was showing up real well! Even my eye lid had veinyness that I forgot I had in the past. What a mistake; I messed up.

Clinique All About Eyes Gradually Fixes Quite a Few Things:

1. Reduces darkness under the eye as well as discoloration on the eye lid.
2. Brightens eye area.
3. Hydrates the eye area without feeling heavy (or creating milia); products go on better.
4. Reduces puffiness and smooths the skin.
5. Helped smooth out my milia (crazy, huh?)

Usually when looking for an eye cream you only find creams that work for a couple of eye area concerns; not all. This is an amazing all-around eye cream. Granted, I am young and cannot say what it would do for wrinkles just yet, but it does smooth the skin around my eyes so well. Take care of your skin now, and you won't have many problems in the future. Love this eye cream and I won't be neglecting it anymore!
Bright undereyes and love,                            
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