Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 5 Essie Summer Nail Polishes 2013 with Swatches

 photo Essie-Top-Ten-Summer-2013-Nail-Polish_zps8ddf84d5.jpg

The Brand:

Essie is one of my favorite brands of nail po--that's a straight up lie. Let's just start over; I'll be real this time. Promise.

Essie IS my favorite brand of nail polish. {{ I have 57 }} You can find it at ulta, you can find it at department stores, you can find it at drugstores. Go get 'cha some.

{{I can do an Essie collection if anyone is interested. Or all time top picks - yeah, that would probably be less crazy-looking on my part.}}

All of their colors are unique, highly pigmented, the formulation evens out on the nail well, wears well without chipping easily, and they have a HUGE selection. Go get 'cha some. Now. Seriously, I'll wait...


Colors I'm Loving for This Summer:

1. Peach Daiquiri:

 It's this crazy medium/dark but bright pink that looks great on tanned summer skin. It really pops without being neon. One of my all time favs; been excited to pull this little bottle of love out.
 photo Essie-Peach-Daiquiri_zpsa3e193a6.jpg
 photo Essie-Peach-Daiquiri-Swatch_zpsbf124cc6.jpg

2. First Timer: 

New this year. Came out in the Resort 2013 Collection. It's the perfect blend of sea-foam green, yellow, and blue. Eye-catching without being a classic neon. It's like a bright blend of a neon and pastel.
 photo Essie-First-Timer_zps5af1223b.jpg
 photo Essie-First-Timer-Swatch_zps6d2ba783.jpg

3. Naughty Nautical: 

Darker/medium teal color like you've never seen! Somehow Essie is making even darker colors seem bright and really pop. This one is part of the Summer 2013 Collection and like some of the other polishes from that collection has a new different glitter in it. Not a glitter that is chunky or hard to take off; subtle, almost unnoticeable but reflects light in a pretty way.
 photo Essie-Naughty-Nautical_zps46ce5626.jpg
 photo Essie-Naughty-Nautical-Swatch_zps7304b5b6.jpg

4. Fiji: 

This is a color you've prolly heard a lot of people rave about. Of course, it's the perfect bright, opaque, light pink. You have to love that.  photo Essie-Fiji_zps5f5e9cd0.jpg
 photo Essie-Fiji-Swatch_zpsb9ba630a.jpg

5. In The Cab-Ana:

 Also new in the Resort 2013 Collection; bright, bright, bright blue. Obviously, I'm really likin' bluish colors. Each season, Essie has been coming out with really great blues and each of them keep getting better and better. I thought I had found my 'holy grail blues' with the baby blue color Where's My Chauffeur and the color Turquoise and Caicos, but I love how this is an even brighter color. (again being a bright neon pastel hybrid - lovin' that!) photo Essie-In-The-Cab-Ana_zps730b70c5.jpg
 photo Essie-In-The-Cab-Ana-Swatch_zpsa8bbd330.jpg

Keep 'em comin' Essie!

 photo Top-Five-Essie-Summer-2013-Nail-Polishes_zpsfe84a487.jpg

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