Friday, November 22, 2013

Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bronzer Review and Swatch

     If you read my Top Ten e.l.f. Products post, then you probably know I really like cream bronzer.  For starters, cream bronzer tends to hold up better than a powder bronzer (kind of how most cream/liquid foundation hold up better than powder foundation).  You can also SET cream bronzer with a powder as you would your foundation (this is why it's a good option for oily skin) or you can use it alone and it isn't drying like a powder (making great for dry skin too).  What does this mean to me? Long-wearing contour/color.  The only problem? Most brands don't have a cream bronzer.  Until more recently, Chanel's Soleil Tan de Chanel was one of the only nice cream bronzer's out there.  It comes with a lot of product, but also a fairly high price tag.  Now, quite a few brands are coming out with some options in cream bronzers/contours.  But Sonia Kashuk's can be found at Target!  It retails for $10.99 and comes in two shades: Warm Tan and Rich Bronze.  I went with the darker shade, Rich Bronze, so that I could use it as a contour color.

     It's called "Undetectable" for good reason - the product blends very easily!  The formula smoothes right on creates a soft finish.  I love the way this product feels on my skin; it's a cream but is so lightweight it feels as though you didn't apply anything!  Because it's so smooth and airy-light it's extremely easy to blend in making it perfect for contouring during the day (but can also be built up for night).  Undetectable. 

My Tips:
♥ If you have oily skin: lightly apply it and then set it with your normal face powder.
♥ If you have dry skin: don't set with a powder if you don't normally.  
♥ Use either a stippling brush or synthetic-bristled buffing brush to apply. Blend in all the edges well.

Sonia Kashuk Undetectale Cream Bronzer in "Rich Bronze"

     I'm really enjoying this bronzer right now!  The Rich Bronze color is perfect to use as a contour - it doesn't come off as orange or overly warm as most bronzers do, there is no shimmer, and it's blend-ability makes it perfect! 

Do you have a favorite contour or bronzer for winter-time?

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  1. Love to come to your blog and read all the reviews. You have a lot of talent. Keep at it your gonna go far!

  2. Thank you - that means a lot to me!! I love what I do :)
    ♥ Angela ♥

  3. I suck at contouring, but this is bronzer is almost ridiculously easy to use! I'm very fair skinned and Rich Bronze is perfect for me (yes, I was surprised too). Perfect for a slight contour and a summery look. I love it!

  4. Same here! It's more natural than the lighter color! What brush do you apply it with? :)
    ♥ Angela ♥


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