Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hello Out There!

Hmm, where to begin?

*monotone* I'm Angela... I'm 21 years old... I love beauty products. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, sitting by the fire making smor--Oh, too much?

Isn't this Beauty Addicts Anonymous? Must be in the wrong place. Sorry about that.
Basically, I'm sure you guessed it: this is going to be a blog about makeup.

I don't know why, but I love that stuff. Yeah, I'm one of those girls with full on DRAWERS of makeup in my bathroom. (and that's kinda the first time I've admitted that.) Even if I don't wear any makeup on some days, the fact that all that beauty-making, expensive/nonexpensive, glittery, luxurious, glossy, matte, sparkly, bronzy, taupey, shimmery, gloopy... gloppy... GOO is sitting in my bathroom makes me happy.  If you can relate, we're gonna be best friends. If you can't... well, stick around anyway, you might learn a thing or two!

I should prolly be out there talking with real people about my love of beauty products and getting paid to do makeup or something. But, for some reason I prefer getting on the internet when it comes to makeup knowledge. I didn't even realize until the past year or so that there's tutorials, BLOGGERS, YouTubers, reviewers, freaking PRO nail artists, and straight up hair magicians all over the internet. An entire little community that just overwhelms my makeup lovin' sensory soaker-uppers.

Why do I think I'm some sort of makeup expert?

No... no no no. I'm not an expert. But I will say that I'm pretty dang good at it!

I just want a place where information is shared without judgement, with sincere motivation, and real experience. A place everyone is free to talk and to share all things beauty.

What I love to find in a beauty blog . . .

                                                        (and want to provide through this blog):
Reviews and comparisons of products from people who have actually used them and don't favor a product because of monetary gain.

 Ideas - sharing a certain way something is done, a new amazing product, one no one knows about, a makeup look, a fresh new nail color. Yes, SHOW ME!!

Anything to give me BANG for my buck.

 A lot of information that I GOTTA know about my products packed into some kind of funny, personality-sharing, information-drenched, enthusiastic, to-the-point, and entertaining beauty smoothie blended ALL INTO ONE! (I obviously have high standards that no one, including myself, could live up to.)

 DIY. Let's just be honest - who doesn't?! You can DO IT YOURSELF!

 Communication. I love to see lots of people interacting and sharing their favorites - not just the blogger. Love it! That's the way knowledge is truly born: communication on both ends.

 Lastly, entertainment!

I hope to bring all of these things and more to the blogging community!

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