About Me

Well . . .

Yeah, I'm one of those girls with full on DRAWERS of makeup in my bathroom. (and that's kinda the first time I've admitted that.) Even if I don't wear any makeup on some days, the fact that all that beauty-making, expensive/nonexpensive, glittery, luxurious, glossy, matte, sparkly, bronzy, taupey, shimmery, gloopy... gloppy... GOO is sitting in my bathroom makes me happy.  If you can relate, we're gonna be best friends. If you can't... well, stick around anyway, you might learn a thing or two!

Why do I think I'm some sort of makeup expert?

No... no no no. I'm not an expert. But I will say that I'm pretty dang good at it!

I just want a place where information is shared without judgement, with sincere motivation, and real experience. A place everyone is free to talk and to share all things beauty.

What You'll Find on Icing On The Face:

♥ Reviews and comparisons of products that I've actually used without favor because of monetary gain.

♥  Ideas - sharing a certain way something is done, a new amazing product, one no one knows about, a makeup look, a fresh new nail color. Creative things I think are unique.

♥ Budget Beauty; I love things that give me BANG for my buck.

♥  A lot of information that I think you need to know about products packed into some kind of funny, personality-sharing, information-drenched, enthusiastic, to-the-point, and entertaining beauty smoothie blended ALL INTO ONE! (You can decide if I actually live up to that!)

♥  DIY. Let's just be honest - who doesn't love DIY?! You can DO IT YOURSELF!

♥  Communication. I love to see lots of people interacting and sharing their favorites - not just the blogger. Love it! That's the way knowledge is truly born: communication on both ends. Please reach out! I love getting comments - I always reply! Tweet me @icingontheface; instagram me, email me, tag me in a pin, I'll be sure to reply!