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Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush (Powder) Foundation Review

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How EXCITED was I when I saw Tarte's instagram post on the Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation?! I can't put it into words. And I don't even want to because it would probably be embarrassing; with giddy being one of the main bolded, italicized, AND underlined words. Moving on.
I've been wanting to find a good powder foundation for summer, but I find powder foundation to be the hardest to find a formula you love. This sounds like shopping around to me, I just didn't want to spend the money to test things out; even at the drugstore. But because it's TARTE, and because it's amazonian clay, I just knew that this foundation couldn't disapoint. I HAD to have it.

It also has a special little brush, the Airubuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush, that was made to go along with the powder foundation... but it's $26.00. For a brush. That's $62 for this foundation (which is $36) and it's special little brush. Worth it? I got the brush just so I could tell you!

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**If you hurry, you can find the foundation AND the brush on QVC for only $39.84. They don't have all of the foundation shades, but a good majority!**

First Off, The Packaging:

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I think this deserves a special little comment. It's different. I love the wooden cap and the design. This screams Tarte to me. Simple, classy, earthy, natural-looking, and even sturdy. Love.
Inside is the noteworthy part; you find there is a mesh covering where the product comes out. Not just a plastic sifter that you're going to have to turn over to DUMP the product out; a mesh piece that you PUSH your brush into to pick up the product. Cool! The rest of the inside is like a little bowl to catch the powder that gets away. Love it. It's a loose powder but without the mess! Great idea.

The Foundation:

Coverage: It's called a full coverage foundation and it definitely is that! I'm continually impressed with the coverage that comes from this powder. It's just as good as a full coverage liquid foundation. I will say that it doesn't cover up my hyperpigmentation perfectly and I'm experimenting with ways to get the most of it. Keep reading for my tips!

Staying Power: You're not gonna find anything better. I've never had a powder foundation hold up for long periods of time on my oily skin, but this one does! It looks great even at the end of a busy and hot summer day. Thouroughly impressed. Thank you Amazonian Clay!

Finish: Semi-matte and natural. Tarte's Amazonian Clay products are so loved by many because it is great at combating oil without drying skin out and has great staying power. I find that this powder foundation keeps my shine at bay, doesn't cling to any dry patches, doesn't look powdery AT ALL, and actually seems to nourish my skin (feels better for you than a nasty liquid mask). I don't know how Tarte does it, but they do it right! I am pleased to find that this is a powder foundation that holds up in the summer, but is somehow moisturizing enough that I will love it in the fall as well! (Yeah, I just called a powder foundation moisturizing... AND oil-controlling. I don't understand either.)

The Brush:

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While the brush is made very well and it is VERY dense, soft, good at buffing the powder foundation out, matches the packaging, and looks cute, I will say that it is dupe-able. If you already have a somewhat flat-top brush that is dense and soft enough to really buff the product, you can skip it.

My Tips:

♥ Make sure whatever you put on before (moisturizer, setting spray, or even concealer) has time to fully set in. You don't want to apply a powder foundation to a wet face.
Don't use silicone-based primers. (Which I tend to love underneath liquid foundation.) No amount of setting time will keep any powder foundation from clinging to this type of primer and looking cakey.
♥ It looks most natural and flawless on clean skin. Because I want something to help with hyperpigmentation and to even out the texture of my skin, I sometimes wear the L'oreal Magic Beautifufying BB Cream very lightly applied underneath. Because it is SO lightweight and doesn't add much of a layer or moisture to my face it works well under this foundation.
♥ I like to buff the product into my skin really well, but when you get to areas where you have larger pores (like next to your nose and center of your face in general) I make sure I am always sweeping downward. When you go in circles or upward you push the foundation directly into your pores and it tends to leave this little dip in the center of the pores and emphasizes them. Go only downward and it will smooth right over them and make them disappear!

Are you as excited about this as I was?! I love Tarte and this has become my new favorite foundation of the moment.

If you have any recommendation for a primer/BB cream that is similar to the L'oreal BB cream that will help with texture but not leave a coating definitely let me know!


  1. Hello!

    Just read your really good review of this mineral foundation. I'm a french fan of Tarte, and just love their products. I have a combinaison skin (oily in T zone), and I used Lily Lolo Candy Cane Mineral Fondation. It worked well, but, at the end felt too light for my skin, because it is too pink. But when I saw this mineral Tarte fondation, I had to have it too. I hope the light-medium neutral shade will suit me, as we don't have Tarte in France, and cannot try it on our Sephora stores. I just wanted to ask you which shade you have bought please ? Thank you. Thank you for this full & interesting review.
    Best regards,
    A french Tarte lover,
    Mlle Mandorle

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  3. I actually have the Light-Medium Neutral shade! I have heard that this foundation runs a little dark from other bloggers and I agree with that; it is slightly darker than I expected. But it ended up being perfect for summer. The descriptions on the Tarte website are extremely accurate and really helpful since they tell you the undertones and everything; I actually ordered mine just using the pictures and descriptions from Tarte! :)
    Hope that helps! Let me know if you love it!

  4. The foundation and brush are available as a set (both full size) on QVC for around $39.

  5. Yeah, that's an awesome deal! Not sure how much longer it will be available.
    ♥ Angela ♥

  6. Hello! First of all, love your blog! I have a quick question-- do you think that the Real Techniques expert face brush will work for this foundation? I know it is meant for liquid foundation, but it seems similar in that it has short, dense bristles. I really do not want to shell out another $30 for a brush, but if you think it is necessary/amazing, please let me know! Thanks!!

  7. Thank you so much! I think that the expert face brush could work, but it might take a little extra effort for blending. The airbuki is great at really buffing the product in well... But I don't necessarily think it's worth the 30 bucks. If you use the expert face make sure to use only a little bit of product at a time and really buff well because it may apply the powder a little cakey. I would recommend you pick up the "powder brush" by e.l.f. - it's very similar to the airbuki and is only 3 dollars at target!! :)


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